Tips From The Sharks

I have never watched the TV show Shark Tank  where entrepreneurs present their business to eight successful entrepreneurs acting as potential investors.  In a really worthwhile article Forbes Magazine asked the eight "investors," in a Shark Tank Roundtable - Their Top 3 Pieces of Advice. Whether you are  network marketer as we are, a self-employed business person, a small … Continue reading Tips From The Sharks

Leaders Are Readers – con’t.

Several years ago well before Asea was on the market and well before we were introduced to Asea, I was introduced to signaling molecules in the excellent book, How We Live by Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D.  The review from Time Magazine stated, "An anatomy of human life, vividly illlustrated...Awe inspiring [and] sublimely uplifting.  I recommend this book to all … Continue reading Leaders Are Readers – con’t.

Blue Zones – Where People Live Longer and Healthier Lives

With Nikken we offer wellness solutions for the home.  Nikken is a company that was founded in Japan in 1975 and much of the wellness philosophy and technology in the company's products can be traced to Japan.  By most measures Japan is one of the healthiest countries in the world......which brings me to the subject … Continue reading Blue Zones – Where People Live Longer and Healthier Lives