fit and healthy for life like professional sports players

Be Healthy and Fit for Life

A peek at the fitness levels of professional sports players and its impacts on their lifestyle goals to be healthy and fit for life!

what do you do

What do YOU do?

How do you answer the question, “What do you do?” A TEDx Talk and our thoughts.

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – Improve your performance

What makes an elite athlete successful whether a runner, swimmer, cyclist, ice hockey player, boxer, tennis player,  soccer player, wrestler, rower that all of these sports have in common?  Is it technique, strength, pain tolerance, endurance? There were some interesting answers to this question in the July 30, 2012 issue of Time Magazine, SURVIVAL OF … Continue reading SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – Improve your performance

Asea Athletes Tell Their Stories

ASEA Athletes Tell Their Stories Photo: Todd Langley "We're just finding out what this product can and will do."  -Lee Taft, Conditioning Coach, on last night's ASEA    Athletes Call Elite ASEA Athletes Cody Waite, Keena Schaerrer, Lee Taft, and James Lawrence shared updates on their recent accomplishments and upcoming competitions around the globe on last night's ASEA … Continue reading Asea Athletes Tell Their Stories


Drinking Asea has increased my endurance, stamina and sped up recovery.  Many other endurance athletes and people of all ages with physical stress in their lives have experienced the same.  Now there is research by the Appalachian State University Human Performance Laboratory, North Carolina Research Campus that validates what so many are experiencing. The video … Continue reading STUDY VALIDATES THAT ASEA INCREASES ENDURANCE AND STAMINA

“Supporting Efficiency In All Aspects of Life”

A good friend and fellow runner, David Stretanski, has experienced the benefits of Asea on many levels.  In addition to being an outstanding fitness teacher and coach based on the principles of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, David is also an ultramarathoner.  Check out David's blog post,  Efficiency at a Lower Level, describing how he was introduced … Continue reading “Supporting Efficiency In All Aspects of Life”