ASEA Products

ASEA products must be purchased online through an Independent ASEA Associate. You can not ASEA in any stores, it is sold through distributors. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about  ASEA products and the Redox Signaling Molecules. You can purchase them here.

There are 3 Types of ASEA  Products

All of the ASEA  products are made with the world’s only process of Redox Signaling Molecules outside the body. Redox Signaling Molecules, which are native to the body, help our cells operate more efficiently.  It can be ingested or applied topically. If our cells are healthy, we are healthy.

ASEA Redox Supplement

ASEA Redox Supplement bottle and pouchThe ASEA Redox Supplement is  a liquid that nourishes your cells internally.

It is available in 32 ounce bottles. For maintenance mode people take approximately 1 oz in the morning and evening.

The distribution system for the Redox Supplement is a liquid to be taken internally, but many people were also finding success by spraying it topically.


RENU 28 topical asea

RENU 28  is a Revitalizing Redox Gel. It is a topical gel that was developed for external skin applications.

The development of this product began after much success with spraying the liquid on the skin. The gel is not greasy and absorbs into the skin rapidly. RENU 28  is part of the Advanced skin-care system.



RENU Advanced anti aging

The ASEA’s RENU Advanced system is a line of facial skincare and anti-aging products;

  • Gentle Refining Cleanser
  • Intensive Redox Serum
  • RENU 28
  • Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer

read more about RENU ADVANCED

Want to learn more? Contact Us!


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