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About Virtual Wellness

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The Virtual Wellness website and the Healthy Living Resources blog was created to share information about ASEA, health, and wellness. If you are interested in purchasing ASEA products or investigating the home-based business opportunity, contact us!

independent ASEA Associates

Grace and Peter Rowe ASEA NJThe blog was started by Wellness Consultants, Grace and Peter Rowe.  Based in Central New Jersey, Grace and Peter were some of the first people in New Jersey to become Independent ASEA Associates. They have grown a thriving MLM business with ASEA, and they actively help others by introducing them to the products and/or the business opportunity.

This blog was designed to provide updates health and wellness, ASEA products, and to share some amazing stories.

Kate Rafferty ASEAKate Rafferty – has been working with Peter and Grace since they joined ASEA. Kate is an enthusiastic user of the ASEA products and at 50+ she is a firm believer that RENU Advanced is helping maintain her skin with it’s anti-aging benefits.  She is also managing her stage 4 kidney disease with a renal diet, healthy lifestyle, and ASEA. She shares the success stories of those who have used ASEA to help overall health, exterior skin irritations, and she had some success giving it to her mother during early stage Alzheimer’s.

Kate is an SEO Specialist and uses these skills to help spread the word about ASEA in the virtual world. Her company is Virtual Where LLC (aka www.KateRaffertySEO.com) and she offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Internet Marketing assistance to  her ASEA team.

Interested in helping others to improved physical and financial health?

Ask us how you can grow a part-time or full-time global business, sharing the gift of improved health and performance with many others.

For more information CONTACT US!


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