fit and healthy for life like professional sports players

Be Healthy and Fit for Life

By: Peter Rowe

A peek at the fitness levels of professional sports players and its impacts on their lifestyle goals to be healthy and fit for life!

While watching the exciting 2018 Soccer World Cup, I marveled at how fit and athletic the players representing each country were. It prompted me to ask and research the answer to “How far do professional soccer players run during a game?”

The answer to the question along with the answer to the same question for all major professional sports can be found at the site gizmodo.  Here is a quick summary.

Soccer (futbol) players run by far the farthest somewhere between 7 – 9.5miles per 90 minute game, much of it sprinting.

Not surprising, Major League Baseball players run the least, less than half a mile per game.

Also, not surprising was that the National Football League players  that run the most run, wide receivers and cornerbacks run an average of 1.25 miles with the rest of the players likely running less than baseball players. NFL players are on the move for only about 11 minutes per game, the rest of the time spent in the huddle, waiting for TV timeouts, etc.

My observation is that those athletes participating in the sports requiring that the player be most fit to perform at a high level are those athletes who are the fittest and healthiest when they are 50 and older. This observation is made from a small sample of knowing a few retired professional athletes and seeing them on TV.

My conclusion:

  • Why not get fit and healthy at a young age and keep that commitment every year of your life?
  • Very, very few become professional athletes, but we can all be athletes, i.e. pick your movement “brand,” whether it be running (my “brand”), swimming, walking, hiking, cycling. In other words, get moving and stay moving.
  • Exercise, eat healthily, get good quality sleep, drink plenty of water and use ASEA regularly…..a pretty simple formula for the good health to live a vital and fulfilling life.

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