DR. Gary Samuelson, P.h.D, Atomic Medical Physicist talks about ASEA

The Science of Healing Revealed by an Atomic Medical Physicist

DR. Gary Samuelson, P.h.D, Atomic Medical Physicist talks about ASEA has a “Casual Conversation About – The Science of Healing Revealed” is this video.

With DR. Gary Samuelson, P.h.D, Atomic Medical Physicist, special guest Dan Doyle, ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond, and hosts Maria Hopwood, ASEA Bronze Executive, and Stevie Aquilina & Sarah Tawai Aquilina, ASEA Platinum Executives

Dr. Samuelson talking about how the body works and how cells try to repair themselves. He describes how ASEA’s supports the redox signaling process. ASEA supplement help the body get your cells repaired and replaced.

This video is quite long. We’ve extracted some topics below but suggest you watch this extremely informative video.

Stomach and Lungs

Dr. Samuelson mentions that ASEA has proved to work quickly in soft tissues like in the stomach and lungs.

Fountain of Youth

When asked if the supplements would really slow down the aging process, Dr. Samuelson talks about the theory of improving the regenerative process over the degenerative process and helping the cells to repair and replace more efficiently.

What activates antioxidants?

Nutrients are activated. Redox signaling molecules will activate or make them more efficient. ASEA enhances the antioxidants in the body.

Should you drink a lot of ASEA all at once? Or spread it out?

45:00 – 46:46

If you drink alot all at once it kind of shocks the system to gets your body busy to get the repair/replace process. (ex: 8 oz. twice a day would be a lot) However if your kidneys are not able to get rid of all of the garbage you might want to slow down. Perhaps take 1 oz. every 2-3 hours.