We Are At The 2018 ASEA ASCENT!

In early May Grace and I were grateful to win an all-expense paid ASEA recognition trip to Baja California Sur along with 117 other qualifiers.

ASEA is changing lives around the world, now in 33 countries. At the 5 day vacation/business gathering there were 212 qualifiers from Europe, 28 from Australia and New Zealand, 7 from Taiwan, 5 from Canada, 3 from Hong Kong, 2 from Singapore and 68 from the United States.

Meeting with the ASEA senior management team and sharing ASEA experiences with this accomplished group ASEA Associates that qualified, deepened our conviction that ASEA is truly a health science breakthrough. With ASEA we can help everyone from the sickest of the sick to the fittest of the fit and all in between.

Wouldn’t you like to join us on this recognition trip next year? In 2019 we would be honored to have the company of those who read this and reach out to us and learn how to qualify.