On the Tip of Their Tongue

Q: “We are having trouble getting our dog to drink ASEA. Can we add it to milk or chicken broth without losing the little molecules? Thanks!

A: NO, do not mix ASEA with other food or fluids. It will start interacting with whatever you mix it in. I would suggest try using a spray bottle and spraying areas your dog might lick like their paws. Pouring some ASEA on their fur might be a bit wasteful, but perhaps you can get them to acquire the taste. Also, if you have Renu28, try applying that externally where they might lick. If applied externally, ASEA will have a better opportunity of seeping into the skin as well. All much better than an ignored water bowl.

Absorbtion Through the Tongue

Sublingual Administration

The tongue can absorb some substances such as medications or ASEA. If a tablet or fluid is placed under the tongue it can be absorbed through the mucous membranes. The benefit is that the substance will directly enter the bloodstream.

Swallowing follows a path through your gastronintestinal tract then filtering through the liver before being distributed to the rest of the body before filtering again through the kidney and exiting the body.

Cats and Dog Tongues

Both cats and dogs use their tongues to clean their bodies. Cats are a bit more meticulous about it, and their tongues have papillae which act like bristles to help with grooming.

6 Ways to Give ASEA to pets

Many people ask us how to get our animals to take ASEA. We’ve found that the following ways work very well with both cats and dogs:

  1. Pour ASEA in a clean, dry ceramic or glass bowl.
  2. Pour some ASEA in the palm of your hand and let your pet lick it.
  3. Spray some ASEA on the external area. If sprayed on the fur, they will lick it which is good. If
  4. Sprayed on the skin it can be absorbed by the skin.
  5. Put some RENU 28 on your finger and let them lick it.
  6. Rub some RENU 28 on the fur for licking, or on the skin for absorption.