Will ASEA help with Kidneys?

We are often asked will the ASEA Redox Supplement and RENU 28 help with a specific health issue, let’s say an issue with the kidneys.

The very simple answer – Does the kidney have cells? And, of course, the answer is yes.

The redox signaling molecules in ASEA and RENU 28 are found in every cell of the body and act as messengers, working to maintain clear communication inside the cells between the cells as they work together to advance life. Part of this “signaling” role is to detect damaged cells and participate in the repair process. If there is too much damage to a cell, the molecules induce apoptosis of “cell suicide:”, so healthy cells can take their place.

In addition to the repair and replace process, cells also reproduce and replace themselves. Depending on the organ of the body, different types of cells replace (or turnover) at a different rate. See the following table:

cell type and turnover time

table from the book Cell Biology By The Numbers.

Note how quickly skin cells, cells in the digestive system and cells in the lungs turnover. In the many, many experiences of people using ASEA and RENU 28, the positive results are noticed most quickly addressing health issues of the skin, the digestive system, and the lungs. Note that the skin cells don’t have the fastest turnover of these three organs, yet positive results are noticed most quickly because a before and after photo can be taken, which can’t be done internally.

Now to address the question, will ASEA help with a kidney issue?

It was thought that kidney cells didn’t reproduce much once the organ was fully formed, but new research shows that the kidneys are regenerating and repairing.

A new study at Stanford University Medical School provides an interesting possible answer, “Adult Kidneys grow, remodel themselves, study“.

There is an interesting abstract on Science Direct (that is difficult to read for non-scientific persons) but appears to track kidney cells at approximately 270 days.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has another interesting scientific article “Regenerative medicine for the kidney: stem cell prospects & challenges“.

The kidneys have multiple cell types, a single measure of kidney cell turnover may not be meaningful, however, lots of new evidence exist that kidney cells do turnover!

Note: one of the authors and researchers of this article has Stage 4 kidney disease and is currently using ASEA. I am looking to delay the need for dialysis or transplant for as long as possible and am hopeful that if the things that are damaging my kidneys can be halted, then kidneys will have a chance to regenerate. The 270 days number is a real exercise in patience for me… once I get my blood pressure under control I will focus on the 270 days for improvement of the GFR (kidney function). With time, consistency, and patience we hope to have an amazing testimonial for everyone about CKD.  If anyone reading this has additional research or testimonials, please contact us!

Dr. Samuelson

DR. Gary Samuelson, P.h.D, Atomic Medical Physicist talks about ASEA and the kidneys

When asked … “Should you drink a lot of ASEA all at once? Or spread it out?”

If you drink alot all at once it kind of shocks the system to gets your body busy to get the repair/replace process. (ex: 8 oz. twice a day would be a lot) However if your kidneys are not able to get rid of all of the garbage you might want to slow down. Perhaps take 1 oz. every 2-3 hours.

This topic starts at 45:00 – 46:46

An important disclaimer: ASEA does not make any medical claims for treating, curing or healing any disease or medical condition. What ASEA does …is to replenish our supplies of redox signaling molecules….and these foundational molecules empower the body to heal itself.