animals thrive on asea

Can Animals Benefit from ASEA?

Yes, animals thrive on ASEA just as humans do. The benefits are pretty much the same as for humans. And sometimes animals are even drawn to the product’s taste and smell.

Animals, ranging from household pets to racehorses, often experience amazing benefits seemingly more quickly than humans.

animals thrive on asea

Photo credit Galina Gavin & a pensive barn cat

Why? One answer is that animals don’t have to overcome doubt and questions about something new. They recognize instinctively that ASEA is good for them.

Also, it is important to know that there is no placebo effect with animals.

ASEA and Animals WEBINAR

asea animal cell health webinarIndependent ASEA Associates gather together via online webinars to share various stories about how people used ASEA with different types of animals, how they distributed it, and what kinds of results occurred.

If you are interested in using ASEA with animals and have not yet used ASEA, contact us or ask an Independent ASEA Associate about the next Animal Webinar or view some of the blog posts in the Animal Health category.

If you are interested in more information about ASEA and animals, please contact us.