new insights into redox healing

The Science of Healing Revealed, New Insights Into Redox Healing

The 64-page booklet, The Science of Healing Revealed, New Insights Into Redox Healing by Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D. gets to the heart of why the redox molecules are foundational to health.

A brief excerpt:

Emerging science over the past five years (booklet was published in 2009) has solidly established that the chemical balance of small reactive messengers is essential to the healing process and the regulation of the immune system.

The body’s production of the molecules, vital to health and healing, declines as we age and are not always in balance due to due to stress from toxins, bad bacteria, and viruses. The ASEA breakthrough is that these highly reactive molecules have been stabilized via a highly patented process with a shelf life to be consumed or to be applied to the body to help keep the cells, organs, and systems of the body healthy.

The internationally respected laboratory BioAgilytix ( certifies that both the ASEA Redox Supplement and the RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel contain balanced redox messengers.

The reader of this booklet and the more detailed text, Redox Life by A. S. Naidu will understand that ASEA is on the cutting edge of helping people take charge of their health without completely abdicating this responsibility to the medical-industrial complex.

Many health professionals and scientists are now saying that “ASEA is the greatest health, anti-aging and athletic performance breakthrough of our lifetime.”

The Science of Healing Revealed can be ordered at This booklet is recommended for both the layman and the health professional.