Grace and Peter Rowe on YouTube interview

Network Marketing for Retirement?

Grace and Peter Rowe are interviewed on August 11, 2017. They both are technically retired from the corporate world but are currently working together to build their own home based business. At the time of this video they are Independent ASEA Associate at the Gold Executives level.

When you watch the video below you will get the answer to two questions –
1. Why network marketing?
2. Why ASEA?

Grace and Peter specifically talk about why an MLM with ASEA has been a successful business for them to operate during their retirement.

Three couples with very different backgrounds featured in the video:

  • Grace and Peter Rowe who were fortunate to be able to retire early from the corporate world and a regular paycheck.
  • Fiona and Len Fry who operated an office furniture business.
  • Nancy and Dick Walker M.D. who, in addition to practicing medicine, found the time to climb and summit Mt. Everest.

Grace shares their ASEA story: Peter and Grace met while work at IBM with great jobs. Grace left to raise their family. And Peter was able to retire at 48. They had always dreamed of “doing something together when the kids were older”. However, they weren’t introduced to network marketing (aka MLM) until the age of 60. When introduced to ASEA they questioned how it could help aging marathoners. They kicked off their ASEA business shortly after going to Utah and meeting with management, touring the facility, and trying the product. Both Peter and Grace feel that “our health is our responsibility” and have shared the ASEA message with people around the world.

Peter comments on the network marketing business model: Peter holds a Physics major from Drexel and a MBA from Warton. He mentions that “if” ASEA had been a start-up company with a publically traded stock, the stock would, no doubt, attract a premium price on Wall Street. The founders of ASEA, however, elected not to go the Wall Street or pharmaceutical route with this breakthrough health science technology and chose instead the network marketing distribution channel. A business model that is both flexible and offers lots of opportunities for growth.

This amazing business opportunity is available to anyone. If these answers to these questions intrigue you, please CONTACT US for more information.