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Our 10-year-old grandson, who lives in an apartment building in New York City, always takes pride in being shaped up when he goes to school. To set the stage all boys at his school wear a blazer to class.

When getting on the elevator with his mother and others, he piped up to no one in particular, “Looking good. Feeling good.” Isn’t that how we all would like to feel when we go to work, we go out with friends, we participate in a meeting, etc.?

Just as with our grandson, a good appearance can result in a confident, enthusiastic attitude that will make a huge positive difference in your relationship with others.

As we get older than our 10-year-old grandson, everyone’s skin will show the signs of aging. The result is a huge market for makeup, botox and other lotions and potions that can often cause reactions and long-term health issues.

Take a look at these photos that show the results from using a gel containing redox signaling molecules that provide critical connections and communication between cells to ensure optimum renewal and replenishment. This gel is perfectly safe and has zero toxicity unlike many of the skincare products on the market.

ASEA Renu 28 Skin care


The bottom line is that healthy cells are beautiful cells no matter your age.

ASEA has RENU 28 the redox gel shown in the photo above and a complete line of skin care called RENU Advantage. Read more about these ASEA products here, check out the online shop and click the PRODUCTS tab, or call to get more info.

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Post by: Peter Rowe, an Independent ASEA Associate.