ASEA horses

Giving ASEA to Horses

ASEA for horsesThere was an interesting ASEA Animal Call where a number of people called in and discussed how and when they administered ASEA to their horses.

ASEA has been used with competition horses, race horses, endurance horses as well as pleasure horses and retired horses. (Sylvi to the right is a retired Disney horse living in Baltimore, Maryland.)

When to Administer ASEA to Horses

As with humans, ASEA has been used with horses so the power of Redox Signaling Molecules can help their athletic performance, recovery and immune support.

People have told us that they give their horses 4 oz in the morning and 4 oz in the evening. On race/competition days they are given area before the event to help with endurance and performance and again after the event to help with recovery. Similar amounts are given so the Redox Molecules signal support to their immune system.

They are given ASEA daily for maintenance and more on the day of a race or competition.

How to Administer ASEA to Horses

Here are three ways that people have told us about how they administer ASEA to horses.

  1. Orally via a Syringe
  2. Rectally with a Syringe
  3. Topically with a Spray Bottle 

As with people if an horse’s biochemistry is off, ASEA might not taste good. Horses have been known to spit it out. For this reason the rectal option tends to be the easiest.

Listen to this ASEA Animal Call, part of it is about horses.

ASEA Animal Call

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