Interested In An International Business?

Global Business Opportunity Appealing During A Troubled Economy

This post was originally written in October of 2010, and unfortunately our economy is still “troubled”.

The concept of Global Business Opportunity with a minimal investment was and still is appealing.  Many have lost jobs and are seeking other ways of making a living.

The Network Marketing business model with it’s low initial investment is appealing to many. And with all the changes in the health care industry, people are seeking to  maintain their health. An independent associate with ASEA is a great way to proactively build their finances and improve their health from a cellular level.

However the appeal and glamour of having a business that reaches into other countries is alluring to many.  Maybe it is the attraction of having incomes from multiple countries so that, if there are economic stresses in one country or in a region of the world, the income of the business is buoyed by other economies.  Or maybe it is the glamour of  travel to other countries and combine business with pleasure.  With ASEA you can have an global business  by building distribution teams in many different countries.

And this can be done from your home with a phone and a computer, plus travel when appropriate.  Exciting, yes.  Potentially rewarding financially, yes.  Fun, yes.  Hard work, yes.

We all know people in or from other countries who may be interested in joining your distribution team or who can refer you to others who are.  Or your college alumni network has a web site where you can reach out to people in your country or countries of choice.

You get started by becoming competent in the business in your home country for about a year and then you can really get going globally should you choose to do so.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting way to do business, please contact us to learn more.


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