Redox Life


REDOX Life is a must-read for physicians, healthcare providers, scientists, students and individuals interested in understanding the role of Redox in human health.

This beautiful text can lead to an understanding of “the interplay of good health and redox supportive nutrients.”


It is our experience that everyone who uses ASEA consistently and correctly for 3 months or longer will experience a positive change in their health. It is often a change that is unexpected and welcome.

How can this be?
What is in ASEA?
Is there science that validates ASEA?
Are the perceived benefits a result of the placebo effect?

These questions are often asked by people whose perceptions how to stay healthy come from lifelong exposure to the medical/industrial complex.

There is no reasonable argument why someone either sick or healthy shouldn’t use ASEA. Always remember that people with the experience are never at the mercy of the people with the argument.

REDOX LIFE, written by leading researcher Dr. AS Naidu, is the most comprehensive reference volume on the field of redox science to date. This book will take you on a stunning visual journey over five chapters that unfold the impact and implications of redox on human health and medicine.

REDOX LIFE is a 534-page authoritative work that elucidates fundamental redox principles in chemistry and biology, uncovers the role of redox interventions in medicine, and captures the interplay between good health and redox-supportive nutrients. This book cites the work of over 150 Nobel Laureates and explains the impact of over 1500 scientific publications on the evolution of life under the influence of REDOX.

REDOX Life – available on Amazon.