ASEA cat hot spot

ASEA and Cat Hot Spot

ASEA cat hot spotThis is Badger, he’s my cat, a rescue cat from the SPCA. He is one of those cats that thinks he’s a dog and has taken on the responsibility of being the man of the house. So when I noticed how distracted he was, I looked closer (with my glasses on) and saw that he was constantly licking a single spot. He licked it raw!

I’ve posted a number of these animals with ASEA blog posts, but never tried it on my cats because they were young and healthy. So I got out my ASEA spritzer bottle and started spraying. It didn’t stop the licking but I figured it was good for him to lick anyway. Then I thought to try RENU28 so I could coat it better. I rubbed it on the spot and then he started licking my finger … he liked the taste! So for the next five days I gave him a lick in the morning and a lick in the evening and let nature take it’s course. Within a few days the fur started growing back and now his coat is snow white and fluffy.

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