Are We in the United States Getting A Bang For Our Healthcare Buck?

Oct 2010. Revised May 2017

Health Care Spending … Not Much Has Changed

By studying the graph of health care spending per person as compared to the average life expectancy at birth by country it is clear that there is room for great growth of the wellness industry in the United States.  We spend almost twice as much per person as is spent in the next highest spending country, Switzerland, yet 12 countries on this chart have a greater average life expectancy at birth.

You can join the wellness revolution by changing to a healthy lifestyle. You can also join the wellness revolution in a much bigger way by changing your lifestyle and by joining us as an ASEA Wellness Consultant.  As a Wellness Consultant you just incorporate into your life quality sleep, pure water, healthy air, exercise, organic-based whole food nutrition and products that help the body heal itself.

You then share your knowledge and experience with others so that they have the potential to live a healthier more vital life. You then become a leader in the wellness revolution starting in Monmouth County, New Jersey, helping others and growing a part-time or full-time business that can spread and become a global business.

Please contact us to learn more.


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