Are You Risk-Averse?

I recently read in a book, The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris, that studies have shown that “….people tend to be risk-averse when considering potential gains and risk seeking when considering potential losses, so describing the same event in terms of gains and losses evokes different responses.”

If true, what does this mean to someone in today’s economy?  What does this mean to someone 50 to 60 years old in fear of being downsized? What does this mean to someone who is overweight and can’t seem to change their lifestyle?

What does it mean to someone who is considering a new venture, such as a network marketing venture with Asea ?

It takes courage to change, to take a risk, to set a goal, get into action and stick with it until the goal is achieved.  Does recognition of what might be at stake in terms of loss, spur one to action?  Will the visualization of what might be lost be a greater foundation for success than the visualization of what could be gained?

Many of you who follow this blog are committed in their business to helping others to better health and well-being physically and financially, which can mean taking a risk?  In the light of the above, how do your approach the prospect – by stressing the positive benefits (the tried and true approach in Sales 101 or Getting to Yes in negotiations) or by stressing the dark outcome of inaction?  Or could the positive and negative be seen and considered at the same time?

What do you think?


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