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ASEA Health Tips for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

There was an interesting ASEA Animal Call in January of 2014 where a number of people called in and discussed how they administered ASEA to their animals.  The audio of the call was saved on a video – so give a listen.

Audio ASEA Animal Call – CLICK TO LISTENAnimals And ASEA


Summary of the Call

ASEA for Horses

Asea has been used with competition horses, race horses, endurance horses. They are given ASEA daily for maintenance and more on the day of a race or competition. Typically people are giving around 4 oz in the morning and 4 oz in the evening. On race/competition days they are given area before the event to help with endurance and performance and again after the event to help with recovery.

It has been astounding to be able to see the results of ASEA in terms of the vital signs who are documented at mandatory vet checks during and after events. For horses the ASEA is usually administered with a syringe. Sometime it is easer to use the syringe rectally. The results are the same, but with the rectal administration there is no loss of product.

As with people if an animal’s biochemistry is off ASEA might not taste good.

ASEA for Cats

Cats tend to be finicky. People tend to give ASEA to cats either by syringe in the mouth or in a food dish. One owner even mixed the ASEA with cream. If there are topical issues, spraying ASEA on a cat is very effective as the cat will lick it off!

ASEA for Dogs

Many dog owners try the syringe to squirt ASEA in their mouth, but putting it in a bowl before meal time with a few kibbles seems to be effective for many dogs. As long a dog eats quickly, they will get some benefit from the ASEA. Dog owners also swab ASEA on the ears, spray in in the eyes and nose, and apply to any external areas. The amount of ASEA given to dogs varies on the size of the dog and the issue. There is no specific amount, try 1 ounce and increase over time.

Tanya from Washington talked about her rare breed sheep dog. It was 10 1/2 years old and 125 pounds when it struggled with the recovery after surgery. After taking ASEA he was able to getting up and his back to his patrols, and acting like a puppy. He also had a lump on the base of his tail – his Mom drenched it in ASEA and after only one night the lump was half the size.

Pet Eyes, Nasal Membranes, Gums, Ears

Spray ASEA everywhere! Inside and outside. It will not hurt. It is natural to the body.


ASEA Animal Call

ASEA Independent Associates share stories about how ASEA was used to help animals in a bi-monthly ASEA Animal Conference Call.

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