Toxins in Skin Care Products – A Solution

In a recent issue of Time Magazine the article listed the top ten toxins found in the home.  Most skin care products contain parabens, a synthetic preservative.


Parabens are found in products like moisturizers, hair care and shaving products.  A review of the ingredients in skin care products will most often list parabens, as well as many other toxic ingredients.

We forget that the skin is a very active organ, which we want to keep beautiful, but often abuse.  Women more than men use skin care products for beauty.  Unfortunately at the same time we are working on beauty we may be putting our health at risk.

Studies have shown that parabens can cause hormone disruptions and cancer in animals.  The FDA  currently says that current paraben levels are safe, but paraben free products are becoming available.

ASEA has taken a major step to create a  skin care line that is healthy – RENU 28 and the RENU Advanced Skin Care line have the same cellular health molecules as the ASEA supplement..

For those concerned about their skin, its beauty and what is entering the body through the skin, we encourage you to Contact Us.


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