Spraying Asea – Magic for the Skin


Spraying Asea from the spray bottle that comes in each case of Asea is visual proof that something good is happening at the cellular level with no placebo effect.

ASEA is antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory

In addition to spraying on the skin, you can spray ASEA directly into your eyes, nose and mouth  –  inhale while spraying

ASEA has zero toxicity – continue spraying at short intervals until you see/feel results

There have been many testimonials about the effects of spraying ASEA – here are a few:

  • Cleared up chronic flaky patches on the skin
  • Dark spots lightened
  • Deep cut on thumb and forefinger – never scabbed, just healed
  • Diaper rash disappeared
  • Mosquito bites stopped itching
  • Relief from skin issues in animals
  • Burns – from cooking – pain stopped, burn healed with no scar
  • Sunburn – stopped pain, redness disappeared
  • Relief from pulled muscles and cramping during a race
  • Allergic reaction to food – stopped a sneezing attack
  • Stopped hiccups
  • Relief from migraine headaches – spray in mouth, under tongue, spray head
  • Soothing aftershave
  • Effective as a deodorant
  • Poison ivy relief

Asea is the only source of redox signaling molecules outside the body.  When you drink or spray Asea you  are empowering your cells to function as they should, respond to danger and speed healing.

This post was written by Asea teammate Amy Grossman.  For more information and to try Asea for skin issues, please contact Amy for more information.


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