An Unexpected Asea Experience

Amy GrossmanAmy Grossman, a long-term small business owner at A to Z Promotions, describes an unexpected and amazing first experience with ASEA.

My first Asea experience was last July when I was given a spray bottle of Asea to try. As fate would have it, I’d been dealing with a skin condition since I was about 8 years old and had just run out of the steroidal cream I had been using to keep the red patches and scales somewhat under control.

Asea Spray BottleI hated using that potent steroidal cream but hated what my skin looked like without it even more.

Having nothing to lose, I started spraying Asea on my elbows several times a day.  To my amazement, within a week, my elbows had almost completely cleared up.

Seeing what Asea had done topically, I decided to see what it would do if I started drinking the suggested dosage.  Within a couple of days, my joints were less achy and my energy had increased.  After several weeks, I realized that I was sleeping better….not waking up several times a night.

I have been using Asea for almost a year now.

Besides the amazing difference in my skin, the top benefits I’ve experienced are sound sleep, increased energy and, better mental clarity.

And, watching the people I’ve shared Asea with experience their own positive benefits ~ some quickly, some overtime ~ has been wonderful.

Contact us if you have questions about ASEA.


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