Mentoring – Corporate World vs. Quarterbacks vs. Network Marketing?

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Effective mentoring develops successful teammates and colleagues.  Is mentoring in the corporate world different than mentoring NFL quarterbacks and different than mentoring a network marketing teammate?  What do you think?

As an introduction, watch this excellent piece from ESPN on mentoring quarterbacks.  All Pro NFL quarterbacks often succeed All Pro NFL quarterbacks.  Yet, was Bret Favre into mentoring Aaron Rogers at the Green Bay Packers?  Think about experiences you might have had in the corporate world – was your boss truly into mentoring you?

As you will see in this well done ESPN video, the starting quarterback really doesn’t want to be really successful at mentoring his understudy who may really want his job.  Isn’t this often the same in the corporate world – the boss may feel threatened by the young upstart who is ambitious to succeed?  This does happen even though the NFL team and the corporate team would be better off if the mentoring was done well.

Here are the characteristics of successful mentoring from the ESPN video:

  1. Team – a commitment to the success of the whole team.
  2. Relationship – Working to build a positive, open trusting relationship.
  3. Understanding – A sincere effort to understand the motivation, the strengths and weaknesses of the understudy.
  4. Savvy – Sharing the subtle nuances of what works and what doesn’t.
  5. Together – Developing the belief that TEAM means Together Excel Alone Mediocre.

So in the ESPN piece, TRUST is key to a win-win mentoring relationship.  And TRUST is so often mssing, only with NFL quarterbacks, but also in the corporate world.

Now, take a look at the network marketing business model.  The sponsor has a key mentoring relationship with the newly sponsored Associate because the only way the sponsor succeeds is for the new Associate to succeed.  TRUST as outlined in the ESPN piece integral to the networking marketing business model and there is no success without it.

Network marketing is unique because it is a win-win business model. 


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