Leaders Are Readers – con’t.

Several years ago well before Asea was on the market and well before we were introduced to Asea, I was introduced to signaling molecules in the excellent book, How We Live by Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D.  The review from Time Magazine stated, “An anatomy of human life, vividly illlustrated…Awe inspiring [and] sublimely uplifting.  I recommend this book to all who seek a better layman’s understanding of the miracle of human life.  A special treat from Dr. Nuland…….

is that he has written two excellent two excellent follow-up books.  The first is How We Die, Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter, which according to the New York Times Book Review “Engrossing…….quietly and informatively instructs and advises us on a subject of universal concern.”

The third book in the sequel is The Art of Aging – A Doctor’s Prescription for Well-Being.  In a review by the  San Francisco Examiner “Nuland is a gifted and deeply intelligent writer.”

It is remarkable that several years ago we were introduced to the importance of signaling molecules by Sherwin Nuland.  Asea is the only source in the world of signaling molecules outside the body and has given a major boost to our personal personal commitment to ourselves and those we care about to live younger longer.  Asea could just help you as well.

In this blog we are committed to sharing our journey to wellness, performance and well-being.  We welcome  your comments and recommendations.  – Posted by Peter Rowe


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