Asea – Animal Peak Performance

I recently read a fascinating article, Beware Of The Dogs, in the February 27, 2012 issue of the New Yorker Magazine.

The article is about police dogs and how valuable they are in preventing terrorism and crime as either patrol dogs or detection dogs. Where are they bred? How are they trained?  What breeds are most effective?  What does this article have to do with health and wellness of animals and us?

These police dogs are athletes and must perform at their peak every day, just as we have a goal of daily peak performance.

This article and the bi-monthly ASEA Animal Call got me thinking about using ASEA to support our animal athletes. ASEA is used regularly by human athletes to improve their performance and to help them with the recovery process.

Just as it is important that we have healthy cells, it is important that animals have healthy cells – healthy cells are foundational to good health. And ASEA is a key to having healthy cells and peak performance.

ASEA Animal Call

ASEA Independent Associates share stories about how ASEA was used to help animals in a bi-monthly ASEA Animal Conference Call.

If you have an ASEA animal story you’d like to share contact us.

Contact us to find out more about ASEA and the ASEA Animal Call.


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