Asea – Keeping Your Animals Healthy

Susan DeBoer, MSc, the director of Proactive Health Resources in Canada and an ASEA Associate, invited us to view and share a video of what ASEA had done to bring youthful get-up-and-go to her 16 year old dog, Tess.

Benefit of ASEA on Tess’s Healthy Road to Recovery

Tess, a Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle mix), had had an accident and an injury to her leg and her overall recovery was slow.

After treating the injury, Susan started a nutritional health and targeted nutrients. This helped for a while and then Tess started having incontinence issues and began loosing her eye sight.

Susan was introduced to a new technology from Germany, Low Energy Pulsating Field Technology from German. She used it in her clinic and also used it on Tess. Again, she had positive results for a short period.

Finally, in 2012 Susan found ASEA she began giving Tess ASEA both internally with a syringe and externally by spraying it on targeted areas. Her gum health improved, incontinence improved, her eye sight improved, and she could now talk Tess hiking again. Tess is now able to enjoy life to the fullest!

A healthy animal, whether a dog or a horse or cat, is a joy.  An unhealthy animal is very difficult to deal with and can be very expensive.  ASEA may be an answer for those who love their animals.

All mammals have signaling molecules, which are vital to good health.

ASEA Animal Call

ASEA Independent Associates share stories about how ASEA was used to help animals in a bi-monthly ASEA Animal Conference Call.

If you have an ASEA animal story you’d like to share contact us.

Contact us to find out more about ASEA and the ASEA Animal Call.


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