Redox Signaling Molecules – What are they?

Redox signaling molecules are native to the body.  Asea is the world’s only stabilized  source of these molecules outside the body.  Asea is having a profound and positive effect on the health, energy and performance of those who have been us the product.  So, what are redox signaling molecules?

The answer to this question can be quite technical.  To provide a simple answer I refer here to a quote from a book, How We Live, Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D:

“To coordinate all the instabilities in all of the cells requires that the far-flung parts of an organism be in constant communication with one another, over long distances as well as locally.  in the scale of animals that includes humankind, this is accomplished by messages sent by nerves, in the form of electrical energy we call impulses; via the blood stream of the chemicals we call hormones and – to nearby groups of cells – by the specialized substances we call local signaling molecules.  As each of these methods of communication were discovered, researchers became increasingly impressed with how well integrated is the entire array of apparently disparate activities.  They came to recognize the inherent wisdom of the body.”

The book How We Live was published by Viange Books in 1997, about 15 years ago.  The ongoing redox signaling molecules research is substantial and began well before Dr. Nuland published his book.

We assume that you are reading this because you are curious about how to best stay healthy and perform better and might want to learn more about Asea and even try it for a month.  

– Posted by Peter Rowe


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