It has been a long time since our last post.  If you found us during the past several months or have been checking in, we trust that what you have found here to be worthwhile.

The major reason for being so quiet is that November a year ago we were introduced to Asea and we have been working hard to spread the wonderful and exciting news about this very special scientific breakthrough, which promises to have a major impact on health, fitness, energy and performance (and for the right person an outstanding opportunity to share the gift of health with many others).

We’ll get into the details and the science of Asea in later posts, but first let us briefly share some of the benefits we have experienced since using Asea for over a year:

  • Me – definitely greater running endurance and faster recovery.
  • Me – no running injuries since using Asea.  I used to be injured all the time.
  • Me – when feeling a cold coming on I have gargled Asea and slightly increased the dose and the symptoms have disappeared every time.
  • Me – my gum health has improved markedly.
  • Me – after being stung by bees off and on through my life, several years ago I suddenly had a severe allergy to a sting.  Since that time I always had an eipen
  • My wife Grace – a ten year allergy has disappeared.
  • Grace – after meniscus surgery on her knee the surgeon at the HSS said she would b back for knee replacement in 6 – 9 months.  She now runs every day, pain free. A local doctor, an experienced sub-3 hour marathoner, believes the Asea has healed the area such that the knee replacement isn’t needed.
  • Kate – have used it with amazingly quick results on skin related irritations;  blemishes, scratches and sunburn
  • Kate – my son had a small cut on his ear lobe that won’t heal. It just kept scabbing for over a year.  Doctors thought I was paranoid. Asea cleared it up and it hasn’t returned since.
  • Kate – not a quick treatment but sprayed Asea on a tongue skin tag and it finally fell off. Doctors said it wasn’t serious but definitely annoying!

Asea is the world’s only source of redox signaling molecules outside the body.  We simply feed these molecules to our body to help our trillions of cells operate more efficiently.  If our cells are healthy, we are healthy.

In my next post I will explain more about redox signaling molecules.

Posted by Peter Rowe


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