Endurance Athlete Rich Roll Using Asea

Rich Roll is an extraordinary endurance athlete.  For example, he has completed the EPIC Challenge – 5 ironman distance triathalons on 5 Hawaiian islands in a week.  He was also a top finisher in the Utltratriahtalon World Championships, a 3 day 320 mile double ironman distance triathalon.  He is now using Asea to improve his endurance, performance and speed recovery.

While I am not anywhere near Rich Roll’s league as an athlete, I have been using Asea since last October.  With Asea my endurance and strength have markedly improved.   My race times in 5k and 5 mile races are better this year than in the comparable races in 2010 and 2009,  And a key reason is that everyone  who uses Asea regularly finds that they  recover much more quickly from a hard workout or race.    Fast recovery means you can train harder and more frequently. Finally, I cannot say that it is due to Asea, but I have not been injured in over a year, which for me is a big deal.

You can learn more about Rich Roll and his use of Asea by checking out his Life + Performance + Spirit blog.

For more information about Asea and improved performance, please contact us.  Posted by Peter Rowe


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