Leaders are Readers – con’t.

Cropped headshot of Katie Couric

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Many years ago I remember Katie Couric launching her career on the Today Show.  For many years The Today Show has been a part of how we start our day in the kitchen over a quick breakfast, catching up on the news, weather and current events.  We have followed Katie through the challenges of her life, her stint as the news anchor on CBS and how she saved the country by exposing how ill-prepared Sarah Palin was to be Vice President.  Two of our children have on a few occasions hung out with Katie and she is as real in person as she is on TV.

Now Katie has written a book, THE BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT, Lessons from Extraordinary Lives.  Whether your opinion of Katie matches ours or not, we recommend that you read this book. 

Here are a few excerpts from the book’s dust jacket

  • Michael Bloomberg (New York City Mayor): “Eighty percent of success is showing up……early.”
  • Madeline Albright (ex-Secretary of State): “Never play hide and seek with the truth.”
  • Apolo Ohno (Olympic speed skater): “It is not about the forty seconds; it’s about the four years it took to get here.”
  • Jimmy Kimmel (TV host and comedian): “When in doubt order the hamburger.”

There are many self-help gurus and books out there, some better than others.  They all pretty much preach the same message and are full of self-promotion.  I like a quote by Jim Rohn when making a recommendation of what to read for success, “You have got to get out of second grade.”  What he meant by that was to be a leader one needs to read biographies, good novels, good non-fiction and not just self-help books.

Katie’s book, THE BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT, could be classified as a self-help book.  It, however, is full of advice from those who have been in the arena and have truly achieved something.  Read it and you will be inspired. – posted by Peter Rowe


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