HRT, Hot Sweats and Redox Signaling Molecules

Today on an Asea conference call we heard a very articulate 60-year-old woman share her experience of how Asea enabled her to get off hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescription drugs.  Listening to the call my wife, Grace, suddenly realized that she decided for the “umpteenth” time to get off her HRT at about the same time as she started to use Asea on a daily basis back in November 2010.  For the first time ever the hot sweats didn’t return after stopping the HRT.  Until hearing the woman’s testimony, we never linked the timing of Asea to this very positive change. 

 Was the positive health result due to Asea or just a coincidence? Who knows, but just maybe Asea’s redox signaling molecules were the reason.

Since a comprehensive study has shown that there is no toxicity in the use of Asea, why not give it a try as an alternative to HRT?  Since this is an important health decision, always consult your doctor before making this change.  –  posted by Peter Rowe


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