Stressed From Work, From a Long Run??

We were introduced to Asea last October.  My first test was to see if my running endurance and recovery would improve and as reported in a previous post it did. 

Since then a number of my running buddies have been using Asea and two pieces of feedback have been unanimous – one, is that at the end of a race or long, hard run they feel surprisingly strong and, two, that their recovery is amazingly fast and they can repeat the physical stress again the next day.  Conclusion – recovery from stress is linked to the repair and regeneration of cells prompted by the Asea signaling molecules.

The other thing that seems to be unanimous is that every one reports sleeping more soundly through the night after using Asea, not getting up as frequently or at all to respond to the call of nature.  Deep, sound sleep, getting undisturbed through the sleep cycles every night is a key to recovery from stress of all kinds.

My conclusion is that after using Asea regularly every day, 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening, recovery from physical and emotional stress is much improved.  And from better recovery comes better performance and health.

If you are stressed and aren’t sleeping well, please contact us.  – – Posted by Peter Rowe


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