Allergy Relief Testimony

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 For the past 10 years my wife, Grace, has suffered with an allergy – for no reason at all she would start sneezing, sometimes hundreds of times a day.  It could happen at home, in the car hundreds of miles from home, at the beach, in another country, in the ocean in the Caribbean. There was neither rhyme nor reason for it. 

A respected allergy doctor did tests and cited mouse droppings and mold.  We had our home tested for these issues and there was no mold to speak of and every five years a mouse invades, but no mouse droppings anywhere.  We tried to link the sneezing to foods, but no matter how carefully we tracked food sources, we could link nothing to the problem.

The only thing that seemed to work to stop the sneezing was a prescription inhaler, which had the side effects of a dry nose and sometimes a bloody nose.   After 10 years the solution was truly elusive until……..


Enter Asea —- At the suggestion of someone, who we can’t remember, Grace tried a mist of Asea instead of the prescription inhaler, which worked immediately to stop the sneezing when it kicked in. 

Now, best of all, a few weeks later we realized that the sneezing hasd stopped after over ten years.  We don’t believe the cessation of the sneezing was due to the inhaler,which Grace doesn’t need anymore, but due to using 2 ounces of Asea twice a day.

For a very scientific explanation as to what might be going on here and how Grace may have been  helped by Asea to shake the sneezing allergy, go to and listen to the presentation on the immune system. – Posted by Peter  Rowe

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