Want to Improve Endurance and Speed Recovery?

Anthony Galvin ASEA Testimonial

Anthony Galvin ASEA Testimonial

There isn’t an endurance athlete anywhere who wouldn’t like to increase performance and speed recovery.

When introduced to Asea I was aware of a study where endurance athletes were able to increase their ventilatory threshold an average of 12%.  This was to be my personal test whether Asea was all it was cracked up to be.  Would Asea make me a better runner?

After being on Asea for four weeks, I found myself running comfortably alongside a much younger and better runner on a six-mile training run.  Since then I have been able to run longer, feel stronger at the end of the run than at the beginning and not feel the effect of a really hard run the next day.

Following is a video testimonial of an athlete that used ASEA a few weeks before a race.

Please know that, if you think about it, everyone is an athlete, not just endurance runners, cyclists and swimmers.  Mothers raising kids are athletes, as are seniors climbing stairs, road warriors on and off airplanes week after week, etc.

If you want to learn more or improve your performance, please be in touch with us.  Posted by Peter Rowe.


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