What is a Signaling Molecule?

What is a signaling molecule and how does it benefit one’s health?

How We LiveFirst, an excerpt from an excellent book by Sherwin B. Nuland, How We Live:

To coordinate all the instabilities in all the cells requires that the far-flung parts of the organism be in constant communication with one another, over long distances as well as locally. This is accomplished by messages sent via nerves, in the form of electrical impulses; via the bloodstream, in the form of chemicals we call hormones and in the form of specialized substances we call signaling molecules.

And what are the potential health benefits of signaling molecules?

Based on years of research a company, ASEA, has brought to market a source of signaling molecules that aren’t a drug, aren’t a new super fruit, not a vitamin and not an antioxidant.  The ASEA signaling molecules are patented, non-toxic and are offered to the public via the network marketing business model.  In just over a year on the market studies have shown that Asea does the following:

  • Heals and supports the restoration of healthy cells.
  • Has anti-aging benefits.
  • Improves antioxidant effectiveness.
  • Helps optimize immune system effectiveness.
  • Speeds restoration of healthy tissue.
  • Improves athletic performance and endurance and speeds recovery.

For more information about Asea, contact us.


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