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The Marathon – A Metaphor for Life

In America this is the marathon season.  Between us my wife and I have run over 40 marathons.  Training and running a marathon isn’t for everyone, however, the 26.2 miles when broken down into 26 parts as in an ad posted here from Asics, the running shoe, apparel  and accessories company, can be a metaphor for life, for staying healthy and for the perseverance needed for success.  The following was posted on a big board by Asics as an ad at the New York City Marathon Expo in 2009.  We loved it and appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.

1. Hello Start,   Goodbye Doubt

2. Hello Brooklyn,  Goodbye Fear

3. Hello Spectators,  Goodbye Nerves

4. Hello Water Cups, Goodbye Anxiety

5. Hello Sunset Park,  Goodbye Uncertainty

6. Hello Headwind,  Goodbye Good Enough

7. Hello Cold, Goodbye Cynicism

8. Hello Warm Numbness, Goodbye Pain

9. Hello Don’t Stop Now, Goodbye Arrogance

10. Hello Pounding Heart, Goodbye Overconfidence

11. Hello Williamsburg Hipsters, Goodbye Giving Up

12. Hello Little Poland, Goodbye The Easy Way Out

13. Hello Half Way Point, Goodbye Obstacles

14. Hello Queens, Goodbye Pessimism

15. Hello Roosevelt Island, Goodbye Comfort Zone

16. Hello Manhattan, Goodbye Apathy

17. Hello First Avenue Crowds, Goodbye Cramping

18. Hello Daunting Hills, Goodbye Coasting

19. Hello Wall, Goodbye Ego

20. Hello The Bronx, Goodbye Struggle

21. Hello Madison Avenue, Goodbye Demons

22. Hello Central Park, Goodbye Weakness

23. Hello Adoring Fans, Goodbye Previous Best

24. Hello Beautiful Down Hill, Goodbye Limitation

25. Hello Almost There, Goodbye Disbelief

26. Hello Finish Line, Goodbye Old Me

With vision, discipline and perseverance everyone can achieve big goals


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