Proudly Penn – My Story

In my previous post, Proudly Penn – Your Stories, Your University, I challenged myself and readers to complete a sentence beginning with the words relate, discover, imagine, energize and challenge.  These were the words on the cover of the annual University Of Pennsylvania guidebook for alumni.

Since I challenged the loyal readers of our blog, many of whom aspire to own their own business, it is only fair that I accept the challenge as well.  As I stated in the previous post, “it is my guess that successful entrepreneurs could quickly complete a sentence using these words.  So here goes……..

  • I relate my commitment to helping others to a healthy physical and financial life through Nikken by an inspiration from my father and by being successful in the corporate world that enabled me to retire at 48 years.
  • I discover anew every day the vitality that comes from a healthy lifestyle – quality sleep, breathing clean, healthy air at home, drinking pure and healthy water, by daily, vigorous exercise and by a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • I imagine being able to share the gift of physical and financial health with the very democratic business model of network marketing by setting up business units with like-minded people throughout the world.
  • I energize myself by associating with those who have a zest for life, for whom laughing comes naturally, who have a sense of curiosity, who have integrity and who have a giving attitude toward others.
  • I challenge everyone who reads this to do two things:
    • Complete five sentences of your own and, if you wish, share your sentences in a comment here.
    • If you like what we are doing on this blog, become a Fan of our Facebook page,  This way we can grow a community of like-minded people to share ideas and inspire each  other.

POST SCRIPT: I am now with ASEA and have found profound benefits of health at the cellular level!


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