Proudly Penn – Your Stories, Your University

Annually the University of Pennsylvania sends alumni what might be called an annual report or guidebook for all the schools at Penn.  It isn’t a financial report or request for contributions.  This year’s guidebook had an intriguing and inspiring cover with just the words – relate, discover, imagine, energize, challenge – boldly stated in different colors on the cover.  The chapters in the book focus on each of the words on the cover through the eyes of an alumnus.  Whether you are a health professional, an executive, a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, a life coach, etc. or a  Wellness Consultant, it might be fun and enlightening for you to take each of these words and finish the following sentences just as each chapter began in the Penn alumni guidebook.

I’ll help you with this little challenge by sharing the first sentence of each chapter of the Penn guidebook….

  • I relate my personal life so closely to my academic life at Penn that it’s hard to tell where one starts and the other ends. – by Cecelia Ramirez ’05 grad who is focused on building capacity worldwide to empower youth through education.
  • I discover quite often that history is made through innovation. – Eduardo Glant ’75, Penn’s Dean of Engineering.
  • I imagine if you’ve been to Philadelphia and seen one of its signature murals, you’ve probably taken away a snapshot of what I’ve been doing since (graduating from Penn). – Shira Walinsky ’99, muralist and Penn professor.
  • I energize myself  just thinking about the possibilities in life. – Doug Glanville ’93, a 12 year major league baseball player, book author and ESPN baseball analyst.
  • We challenge just about everyone who sees our films. – David Novack, ’86 and Nancy Levy-Novack ’87,  film makers.

It is my guess that successful entrepreneurs or leaders could quickly complete a sentence after the key introductory words.  Could you?

In a future post I’ll take up the challenge and use these five words to share how meaningful it has been to share the gift of a healthy lifestyle with others around the world.


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