An article in our local newspaper, the Asbury Park Press on June 8, 2008, titled “UNREADY – If you thought baby boomers weren’t saving enough for retirement, wait until you see what Generation X is facing,” outlines the reasons why Gen Xers aren’t able to save for retirement.

The article outlines why Gen Xers, the children of baby boomers, are in trouble and can’t save or aren’t saving enough to maintain a standard of living in retirement.  They are hit by the double whammy of

  1. no longer an assured pension plan, troubled Social Security and Medicare and longer life expectancy
  2. uncertain job security, rising energy costs, soaring health care costs and stagnating wages.

A solution – network marketing where a home business can be started part-time and changed over to full-time by one or both of the life partners in the household.  Just think of a Gen Xer starting a network marketing business at 30 years of age and nurturing it for 30 plus years until retirement.  What a nest egg of residual income that could be built!

If you are a Gen Xer between the ages of 27 and 43or you know a Gen Xer concerned about the above issues, the time to consider the benefits of multiple sources of income with network marketing  is now.


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