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If you’re looking to find out more about ASEA and Redox Molecule Signaling this is the place to be. This video is a great synopsis of what redox molecules are and what ASEA Redox Supplement  and RENU 28 are.

in summary …

Add Redox Molecules to your body and  Improve cell communications to repair & replace – creating healthy cells

So, there are now three types of products that the company ASEA makes and they all are based around the groundbreaking technology of providing redox molecules into the body so your cells can better signal when it is time to repair or replace a cell.  Basically, the redox molecule signaling process helps your body help itself! The 3 ASEA products are:

ASEA Redox Supplement, RENU 28, RENU Advanced

ASEA Redox Supplement – a supplement for your cells  (there’s nothing like it in the world!)
RENU 28 – the gel version of ASEA for topical use.
RENU Advanced – the skin care and anti-aging  system
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